Hey You – Madonna

14 Sep

Lyrics time!

This is an old song from Madonna, umm wait, do you think a song that was released in 2007 including an old song? If you said yes then, this is an old song. Otherwise, if you said no then, this is not an old song. The point is all depends on you, Winners. Cause for me, the reader is a king. *wink*

Anyway, this song has a great meaning to motivate others who going down. Especially those who can’t respect him/herself.

Here we go…

Hey You – Madonna

Hey You
Don’t you give up
It’s not so bad
There’s still a chance for us

Hey You
Just be yourself
Don’t be so shy
There’s reasons why it’s hard

Keep it together
You’ll make it all right
A celebration is going on tonight
Poets and prophets would envy what we do
This could be good

Hey you
Open your heart
It’s not so strange
You’ve got to change this time

Hey you
Remember this
None of it’s real including the way you feel

Save your soul, little sister
Save your soul, little brother

Hey you
Save yourself
Don’t rely on anyone else

First, love yourself
Then, you can love someone else
If, you can change someone else
Then, you have saved someone else

Hey you
There on the fence
You’ve got a choice
One day it will make sense

Hey you
First, love yourself
Or, if you can’t
Try to love someone else

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