Birthday Cake

11 Sep

Morning Winners..

How’s your weekend? Hopefully you guys have a great weekend. 😀

I had a fun satnite with my team last night. My team consists of @EgaArifien, @tiko_bear, and @andreeandrian. They’re my frienemy, friends and enemies. And also my best friends. Like the quote from Douglas Pagels, “A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be”. My double happiness are to have them as my friends and become their friends.

Anyway, last night we celebrated @tiko_bears’s 23rd birthday. The thing that was quite unique about the celebration was in his birthday cake. Here is the cake.

Yup, actually it was ice cream, Wall’s Selection. I chose a variant of Fruit & Salad, it was fresh and not too sweet. The taste was more like yogurt, sourish. Then, the candles were the Sparkling Candles. I bought it in Hypermart, the price around Rp 13.000. When we light the candles, there will be sparks coming out along a candle flame. That was quite beautiful.

Hopefully it can be one of your references to choose a birthday cake for your friends, family, or folks. Who doesn’t love ice cream, huh?

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